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Onion dryer machine
Onion dryer machine
Onion dryer machine
Onion dryer machine
Onion dryer machine
Onion dryer machine
Onion dryer machine
Onion dryer machine
Onion dryer machine
Pre-setting professional drying curving to match up with different materials.
70% Energy-saving compared to the electricity-heating
Intelligent operation: No need to be on duty
Keep the fruit color bright,remaining the aroma and active ingredients
Small footprint
Working Video
Product Introduction
Working Video
Product Introduction

 Drying Machine

Onions include white onions, yellow onions, and purple onions. After the onions are dried, they can be processed into onion powder, which is a very popular condiment. After drying, the shelf life of the onion can be extended, and the dried onion does not change color and tastes better.Baixin Onion dryer,there are continuous mesh belt dryer and heat pump tray dryer to choose according to your needs.

How to dry Onion in a dehydrator?
by Baixin Machinery

1.Cutting and peeling machine:Cut off the root end and peel away skins
2.Air bubble washing machine:Wash onions.
3.Slicing machine:Cut into slices or dices of your choice.
4.Dryer machine:
Place on trays of Baixin heat pump tray dryer- Dry at 40℃-75℃for 10-18 hrs. 
Place on feeding conveyor of Baixin Continuous mesh belt dryer - Dry at 75℃-110℃ for 2-3 hrs.
Check by cooling a few samples of your onions to room temperature. They should be a little pliable, but dry.
5.Grinder:make onion powder
After drying, onions need to be sealed or vacuum packed to better protect their color and flavor.Otherwise,it is east to regain moisture.

Do you need a dryer drying machine for production of dehydrated
onion?And drying a wide range of materials?

Baixin onion heat pump dryer oven is adopts medium and low temperature for drying,It is suitable for drying a very large variety of food that drying temperature lower than 80℃.
We are dedicated to the field of drying equipment for 11 years, having the accumulated experience of over 100 materials.

Please refer to the following parameters for BX-3P-K model, we have different options for your choose and we can also customize it according to your requirements

Product details
The onion hot air dryer absorbs the heat in the air outside the drying room through the evaporator, transfers it to the drying room through the refrigerant and the compressor, heats the air in the room, the hot air goes through the material, and takes away the moisture, It is discharged outside the room through a moisture removal device (humidity exhaust fan or air valve) to achieve drying.
Consume 1kw electrical energy to transfer 3kw heat energy,you can get 4kw heat energy. 1kw electrical energy=4kw heat energy
More options
We also supply the whole processing line including:
Air bubble washing machine
Coring machine
Peeling machine
Slicer machine
Blanching machine
Grinding machine
Packing machine etc.

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