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Mango dryer machine
Mango dryer machine
Mango dryer machine
Mango dryer machine
Mango dryer machine
Mango dryer machine
Mango dryer machine
Mango dryer machine
Mango dryer machine
All-in-one type, plug-in power and use it.
working independently,free from ambient temperature
Wide application:Different kinds of fruits and vegetables,all materials which can be dried below 80℃
Plastic trays, stainless steel trays, and trolleys are flexible in customization
304 stainless steel
Working Video
Product Introduction
Working Video
Product Introduction

                                                                                                                      Heat pump mango dryer machine

Baixin mango heat pump dryer oven is adopts medium and low temperature for drying,It is suitable for drying a very large variety of food that drying temperature lower than 80℃.
Its several advantages than traditional heat pump dryer.
1, Energy-saving.
2, All in one type struction, no need installation, only need to connect it to power supply to use.
3, High grade fingerless stainless steel magnetic door, open easily.
4, Parallel penetration of strong wind, good drying effect, even drying.
5, Intelligent drying and touch screen operation.
6, No external parts, can be moved to anywhere in any time, move freely.

We are dedicated to the field of drying equipment for 11 years, having the accumulated experience of over 100 materials.
Please refer to the following parameters for BX-3P-K model, we have different options for your choose and we can also customize it according to your requirements

Product details


The mango hot air dryer absorbs the heat in the air outside the drying room through the evaporator, transfers it to the drying room through the refrigerant and the compressor, heats the air in the room, the hot air goes through the material, and takes away the moisture, It is discharged outside the room through a moisture removal device (humidity exhaust fan or air valve) to achieve drying.
Consume 1kw electrical energy to transfer 3kw heat energy,you can get 4kw heat energy. 1kw electrical energy=4kw heat energy
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