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Strawberry dryer machine
Strawberry dryer machine
Strawberry dryer machine
Strawberry dryer machine
Strawberry dryer machine
Strawberry dryer machine
Strawberry dryer machine
Strawberry dryer machine
Strawberry dryer machine
Pre-setting professional drying curving to match up with different materials.
70% Energy-saving compared to the electricity-heating
Intelligent operation: No need to be on duty
Keep the fruit color bright,remaining the aroma and active ingredients
Small footprint
Working Video
Product Introduction
Working Video
Product Introduction
                                                                        Strawberry drying machine

The strawberry dryer machine is a kind of enclosed dryer. The hot air is sent into the heat pump room through a fan to dry the indoor materials. Put another layer of the baffle on the material and the return air moisture exhaust port to facilitate the removal of moisture from the room and prevent the moisture from returning to the room again.

For materials such as fruits, vegetables, meat, etc., use 304 stainless steel trays to mount the materials, or use 304 stainless steel cart brackets to hang the materials on the cart.

Use 304 stainless steel trays or 304 stainless steel carts for fruits, vegetables, meat, and other materials placed in the dryer in the heat pump room

Product details
 Please refer to the following parameters for BX-8P/15P model, we have different options for your choose and we can also customize it according to your requirements

Baixin strawberry dryer machine adopts 100mm polyurethane insulation board, which has an excellent insulation effect, and the temperature in the dryer room can hardly be lost.The importance of food dryer insulation:When the strawberry shiitake salted fish salmon potato dryer is drying materials, it is very important to maintain the indoor temperature. Poor thermal insulation results in the loss of heat, which will cause the dried materials to fail to achieve the expected results, and also extend the time for drying the materials. This is a very unfriendly behavior to the environment and resources.

Working Principle

The working principle of the strawberry dryer machine heat pump room dryer
The working principle of the strawberry dryer is that the refrigerant is compressed by the compressor to become high-temperature and high-pressure gas, which enters the condenser to release heat, and the heat from the condensation is sent to the barn by the circulating fan to heat the barn air (the highest air outlet The temperature can reach 75°C). As the temperature in the air increases, the moisture in the material will gradually evaporate, and then the fresh air dehumidification system will dehumidify,so as to achieve the effect of drying. 

Application Material
The strawberry heat pump dryer food dryer is a powerful dryer that can be used to dry fruits, vegetables, meat, refractory materials, nuts, and other materials.
Baixin dryer manufacturers can provide customers with special customized services according to their actual needs.

More options

Besides series of heat pump dryer,we also provide the continous mesh belt dryer and microwave to meet your different requires.

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