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Onion drying machine
Onion drying machine
Onion drying machine
Onion drying machine
Onion drying machine
Onion drying machine
Onion drying machine
Onion drying machine
Onion drying machine
Continuous mass production capacity from 300 to 3000kg/hour
Fully automatic, 24 hours non-stop working
Multi heating source:electric,coal/wood/biomass,natural gas/LPG,diesel,steam,etc
Saving labor cost, only need 2-3 workers to operate
The intelligent control of drying temperature and time
Working Video
Product Introduction
Working Video
Product Introduction

Onions include white onions, yellow onions, and purple onions. After the onions are dried, they can be processed into onion powder, which is a very popular condiment. After drying, the shelf life of the onion can be extended, and the dried onion does not change color and tastes better.Baixin Onion dryer,there are continuous mesh belt dryer and heat pump tray dryer to choose according to your needs.

How to dry Onion in a dehydrator?
by Baixin Machinery

1.Cutting and peeling machine:Cut off the root end and peel away skins
2.Air bubble washing machine:Wash onions.
3.Slicing machine:Cut into slices or dices of your choice.
4.Dryer machine:
Place on trays of Baixin heat pump tray dryer- Dry at 40℃-75℃for 10-18 hrs. 
Place on feeding conveyor of Baixin Continuous mesh belt dryer - Dry at 75℃-110℃ for 2-3 hrs.
Check by cooling a few samples of your onions to room temperature. They should be a little pliable, but dry.
5.Grinder:make onion powder
After drying, onions need to be sealed or vacuum packed to better protect their color and flavor.Otherwise,it is east to regain moisture.

Onion drying machine

Do you need a dryer for mass production of dehydrated Onion ?And saving labor cost?
When you start or expand the drying business, many workers are needed to achieve mass production, meanwhile,the drying speed is slow and production
capacity is insufficient. However,BAIXIN's independent-design and produced continuous dryer machine can solve the issues.

Why choose Baixin Continuous dryer for Onion drying?
Baixin continuous mesh belt dryer is a drying system specially designed by Baixin for mass production. The key to its popularity with customers is
that its continuous drying methods with high-volume hot air, multiple heat sources to choose. The strong dehumidification ability guarantees a large
capacity. The adjustable temperature and drying time guarantee a more even drying quality.

If you have a special requirement for drying technology. We are glad to provide guidance, design, and manufacture of a customized drying system
for you

Baixin Continuous mesh belt dryer is suitable for drying different kinds of materials with perfect color and taste.
>fruits peels or pomace
>food waste
>pet foods
If your product is not listed above? We are confident to have a new challenge
we are dedicated to the field of drying equipment for 11 years, having the accumulated experience of over 100 materials.

Pistachio dryer can dry different kinds of materials quickly and reliably at a pre-set temperature and speed. Compared with
traditional continuous dryers, the advantages below make our equipment unmatched:
1. Easy to install,just need connect the seperate parts by screws.
2. High-volume and high-pressure hot air circulation for drying, good drying effect, particularly evenly.
3. High-grade stainless steel keeps the drying process clean
4. Intelligent control and unattended operation
5. Free movement, moved to anywhere at any time

We supply the whole automatic production line including washing machine,cutting machine,blanching machine,Grinding machine,etc

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