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Drying osmanthus process
Drying osmanthus process

Osmanthus osmanthus is a common name of many Chinese mignonette trees, on behalf of the species Mignonette, also known as rock laurel, Mignonette evergreen shrubs or small trees, thin quality, thin leaves long oval surface tip, opposite, the winter is not withered. Among the peanut leaf Fu organs, the corolla closes the petal four split, the shape is small, its horticultural varieties are various, the most representative are golden cinnamon, silver cinnamon, dangui, laurel and so on.

Osmanthus is one of the top ten traditional Chinese flowers, set green, beautification, fragrance in one of the ornamental and practical excellent garden tree species, osmanthus can clear dust, thick can overflow, can be called absolute. Osmanthus tea made from osmanthus flowers is a specialty tea in China. It has a soft aroma and delicious taste and is loved by the public.

Osmanthus drying process

Osmanthus after harvesting through the cleaning link, you can enter the drying room drying, wash the osmanthus into the material tray, the bottom of the tray mesh mesh number Smaller, in order to avoid osmanthus flowers fall, 

Drying process is divided into four period of completion, the first paragraph 50 ° C temperature, time of 2 hours, make osmanthus uniform heat drying room, a drain drainage can be seen in about 50 minutes, entered the second phase, after temperature balance temperature up to 55 C, drying room setting control at 30% relative humidity, continuity platoon is wet, 6 hours,  After the third stage, the temperature was raised to 58°C, the relative humidity in the drying room was set at 20%, the time was 2 hours, and the humidity was continuously drained. After 1 hour of operation, the water flow of the drain pipe ended, and it became a water droplet, and then continued to work. After 1 hour, the drying work can basically be finished.
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