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How to dry spinach in a dehydrator?
Drying spinach process

Spinach is a common name of many leafy green vegetables, belonging to the species Spinacia oleracea, also known as spinach greens, spinach leaves, or simply spinach. Spinach is an annual or biennial plant, with thin stems, thin oval or triangular leaves, arranged alternately, and green all year round. The flowers are small and inconspicuous, with four petals and four stamens. Its horticultural varieties are diverse, the most representative are savoy, semi-savoy, and smooth leaf.

Spinach is one of the most nutritious and versatile vegetables, combining green, tender, and tasty in one of the edible and practical excellent garden plant species. Spinach can provide vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber, and can be called a superfood. Spinach juice made from spinach leaves is a healthy drink in many countries. It has a mild flavor and refreshing taste and is favored by the public.

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Spinach drying process

Spinach after harvesting through the washing link, you can enter the drying room drying, spread the spinach on the material tray, the bottom of the tray mesh mesh number larger, in order to facilitate air circulation,

Drying process is divided into four stages of completion, the first stage 40 ° C temperature, time of 1 hour, make spinach evenly heated in the drying room, some moisture can be seen dripping in about 30 minutes, entered the second stage, after temperature balance temperature up to 45 C, drying room setting control at 25% relative humidity, continuously dehumidify, 4 hours, After the third stage, the temperature was raised to 50°C, the relative humidity in the drying room was set at 15%, the time was 1 hour, and the moisture was continuously removed. After 30 minutes of operation, the water flow of the drain pipe stopped, and it became a few drops, and then continued to work. After 30 minutes, the drying work can basically be finished.

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